Thursday, May 8, 2014

Arachnologist display is still visible

The Montgomery County Carnegie Museum offers displays for the public to enjoy ... for free!

Free family fun right here in Crawfordsville ...


  • Joe Allen's Spacesuit
  • Businesses from the past
  • A political section
  • and Greta Binford's "Spider Lady" information ... and plenty of other interesting items!
    Items in the Greta Binford display

Have you ever seen spider venom?

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Crawfordsville has a rich history in bottle caps

In Montgomery County Business Section

Bottle caps have had many names (crown cork, crown cap, or crown), and over 1500 patents to try to perfect a model. William Painter designed and patented all machinery necessary to manufacture the first bottle caps (which were not cork or wood) opening a business: Crown Cork & Seal in Baltimore, Maryland, in 1892. Painter's process of "pressing the cap tightly onto the bottle's flange and clamping it" became a desirable process. In 1931 Robert Smith brought this technology to Crawfordsville, Indiana. Smith began his business with $160 in a small lab on Pine Street.

To learn more interesting facts about your local heritage, visit the Carnegie Museum!