Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Summer at the Museum

Summer at the Museum

Come to the Carnegie Museum of Montgomery County for the 4th annual Summer at the Museum program. The program runs from May 30th through August 11th. The primary audience for this program is elementary and middle school students, though preschoolers and high school students are welcome. Siblings are always welcome. Kids visit the museum on their own schedule, complete the activities (independently or with an adult) and earn prizes. This program is meant to be completed at the students own pace and on their schedule. There are two levels, one easier level for the younger children and the more complex one for older kids/teens. All answers can be found in the museum and the staff can provide hints and/or explanations.   Activities include an alphabet hunt through out the museum, a crossword puzzle, quick drawings, sequencing, jigsaw puzzles and origami. One set of activities, or one "day" can be completed each visit with a prize earned for each activity completed.

The program runs through August 11th and children can sign up any time the CMMC is open. New to the Summer Program is out CMMC Collectors' Corner.  Summer at the Museum participants collect objects in nature, research them and trade them for points.  The points can be used to 'buy' things from our Collectors' Corner.

The Carnegie Museum is open Wednesday -- Saturday, from 10 am to 5 pm and other times by appointment.

The museum is handicap and stroller accessible. Admission to the Carnegie Museum is free.

For more information please call the Carnegie Museum at 765-362-4618.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Author visit: Jeanne Ann Vanderhoef

On May 6, author Jeanne Ann Vanderhoef came to the museum with her family to sign copies of her books and talk about her life. She had copies of her second book, Hard Road to Heaven, published in 2011. Ms. Vanderhoef stated that her newest book was based on her own memories plus the stories of others who shared their war-time experiences with her during her years in Germany.

Ms. Vanderhoef is the daughter of Janet Lambert, well-known local author of 54 young adult best-sellers over the course of her literary career.