Friday, February 20, 2009

Museum Day for Tuttle

William F.
Mostly today I was the cutter. I cut things out for just about everyone. It is more tiring than it looks. I got to use the spray glue a few times. It was really sticky. I also helped arrange some of the photos and information on the big red pieces of cardboard. I had a great time.

Patrick J.
The best thing I have done today was I spray glued. I didn't get as sticky as I thought I would get, but I did spray glue my fingers together. After I got done with that I started cutting holes, into posters and hanging them up with fishing line, it was fun to do that.
I didn't work on the medicine exhibit, but I worked on the elements poster. I did fluorine, which is in fluoride and toothpaste. So, so far I have a great time and I can't wait to do it again.

Logan H.
When I started setting up exhibits at the Carnegie Museum the first thing I did was vacuum an area so an exhibit could be set up there. Then, I cut papers with a cutting board, so they could be placed onto an exhibit. Next, I went upstairs and put fishing line through holes in posters that were part of a medical exhibit then hung them up. I also moved stuff around and decorated a table (only with a table cloth). I had a fun time at the Carnegie, and I was glad that I got to miss a half day of school I hope to come back soon!

Free K.
This has been a day of odd jobs. I fixed typos on papers and glued the project together. I worked with Connor on the Native American Project and it took a whole wall. I've still got spray glue on my fingers as I type this.

Connor S.
Today was fun! I had a HUGE project to work on. I did the exhibit on Native American Medicine. It filled up a whole wall and took us (me and Free) half of the day! When we spray glued I got it all over me!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hi! My name is Brennan P (a middle school student). Today when I volunteered to help set up some of the exhibits, I was amazed at how cool the museum was. It has a ton of cool things to see and do, so you should check it out. And, dude, I'm not just saying that because they told me to, I'm saying that because I want to. So come on down to the Carnegie Museum !

By Jessica P. (a middle school student)
I have like never ever written a blog before, so I'm just going to write and pray that I'm doing it right. When we first got to the Museum it was pouring rain, so Mrs. Hudson dropped us off at the door and we went inside. We entered directly into the Wow Room, and ironically the first word I said was wow. After we were introduced to the Museum and the people in it, we were schooled on how to be a good tour guide.
When that was over, my group headed upstairs to work. We found folders lying in several spots on the floor, our job was to take the contents of the folder and arrange it onto a board so it looked all nice and pretty. That part was pretty fun, we just sat on the floor and cut things out and talked. After we were all done with that, we went downstairs and to the Spray Glue. I was the first one to spray glue and it was fun, I just knew I was going to be sticky all day. The boards have turned out gorgeous and I can't wait to see them all hanging up and done. I can't wait until the opening to see it all done and ready. I can't wait to see everybody there, so hopefully you'll come too!!

Hey, this is Kayla B (a middle school student). I don't know how to blog, but this is a lot better then school! No offense Mrs. Maurer, Mrs. Meek, Mrs. Warren, or Mr. Linn. I've been here since 8ish and working like crazy and my knees hurt and I have like 5 minutes left so I'm trying to hurry. Hank and I have been working on Herbal Medicine thing, even though that's not what I worked on last year. Last year I did Marion Kirtley with Shannon . It was awesome! The spray glue is fuunnn! The Herbal Medicine exhibit is awesome. I made it pretty. There's lots of flowers and information about how they heal people. It's pretty sweet. But I'm out of time. You should come see it! March 1st peaceee!

Hello! My name is Madeline K (a middle school student). The Carnegie Museum was a very fun experience! I didn't get to come last year so it was fun to see all the work the other kids have done. It was very fun! The spray glue was very "interesting". I helped put together many posters and hang some things up. It was fun to hang out with friends and help Montgomery County educate our people!

Hi my name is Chandler P. (a middle school student). This is my first experience in blogging. This day has been very fun for me. We have set up so many exhibits. My favorite part was when Mrs. Fairfield showed us how to make the flippy things. In order to find out what I am talking about you have to come to the Carnegie Museum . Also we used spray glue. It was fun until I got myself sticky. Come and see it and look for the Roosevelt Hospital for Colored People seeing how it had been made by me!!!

Megan L.

So, it's not my first time working at the Carnegie. Last year, I helped install the Rockin' World of Geology and the Days of Dreadful Disasters that I helped create at school. This year, being an "experienced freshman" Mrs. Hudson came to me to see if I would be willing to take a full day off of school to help the little middle schoolers. I've had a lot of good experiences with the Carnegie exhibit installation and creation. It's a lot of fun, since you get to be the voice of the project. From it, you also learn a lot, not all about your topic, but also about the organization that goes into getting it all set up and put together. And, when opening day comes along, you have to be the expert. I think involving students is a great way to get the community involved in the museum, and it's fun.

By: Tyler H.

My experiences at the museum have been really good. I have installed three exhibits that I have created and now I am on my fourth exhibit that I haven't exactly created. Working here at the Carnegie has been wonderful. All of the workers here are very nice and know what they are talking about. They have put in a lot of time to make this place look great and inform the people that come into the museum. If you want to know something that you don't know about today, come out and see the new exhibits that are in the museum now.

Tuttle working at CMMC

By Raven M.
I didn't think this would turn out as well as it is. I thought it'd be pretty hectic, a bunch of kids running around with spray glue. Nothing of the sort. We were as organized as middle school kids could be with little supervision, and I think we did pretty well. Sticky is one word I would use to describe this. Right now my fingers are sticking to the keyboard because I touched too much of the glue. It was fun though. We had to work in groups that were just thrown together, ones we didn't think would work. But it turned out really good. We got along great and it was fun. Seemed shorter than it was.
Oh, warning for future generations: Fear Hudson's driving. And wear the seat belt. She could kill you from behind the wheel. Well, bye!

By: Spencer F. a middle school student
This is the first time I have ever written a blog. We are making posters and being very messy with spray glue. This is a lot better then sitting in a desk learning Science, or Social Studies. My project I worked on in 7th grade was Pioneer Medicines, and Cures. In my group were Elizabeth and Chloe. Though we didn't get a lot accomplished each day being best friends, we finally finished and it's awesome! It is raining outside today. It's a good day to be inside working on your project and being with your friends. You should come and see all the hard work we have done. It has taken a lot of time to do all of the projects all dealing with medicine. Come check out this museum! It's great. I will see you on opening day, March 1st!

My experience being at the Carnegie Museum was Amazing. Setting up was really fun! The people working at the Carnegie are really nice, and they would make your experience so much better!
I got to use spray glue for the first time and it was very interesting. I didn't think that putting a museum together would be so much fun!! I'm positive that if you were to come to the Carnegie you would enjoy it! And you would learn a lot! Trust me it's worth it!!!
Cammie a middle school student
Our word cloud from

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By: Raven W.
This is my first time in the museum. At first I thought it would be an ordinary day of work. But it twisted around for me. The Museum is amazing. I wish I would have came a long time ago. A lot of people worked hard today to show the work and history of Montgomery County and it's people. Just by looking at it Crawfordsville looks as if it was an ordinary town with an ordinary history, but we were wrong. If you really want to know what's happened and what is going on, come see for your self. Trust me you will enjoy the time you spend and will return in the near future.

Tuttle Middle school at the CMMC

My name is Jake Z. I had a great time at the Carnegie and it was definitely one of those "fun museum experiences." I got to spray glue for the first time and it was pretty sweet. I also got to see the project that I had done last year for the exhibit all finished and ready. I even got to carry some bedpans around and put them in a display case!! Hopefully they had been washed a couple times. Ehh. One of the coolest things was learning how to make cards that flipped all around and made different things. They were just about amazing. I encourage anyone and everyone to come visit the museum when it is all ready because the exhibits are cool and the people are great. Be sure to look for the Roosevelt Hospital for Colored People exhibit created by yours truly and a couple other kiddos. Peace out yo!!!

Jordan M.
At the Carnegie Museum of Montgomery County there are tons of interesting exhibits. There are tons of things for you to do, it is very interactive and a great time for everybody.

I looked at the Civil War surgical kit, it was interesting to see what kind of instruments they used to cut off legs.

I like the Before TV room, which has chess sets set up.
Today I am here spray gluing exhibit boards and moving museum pieces into place.

Danny B.
At Carnegie Museum there are lots of great exhibits such as real diseases and diseases doctors use to use leeches for. They use to use leech to cure headaches and stomachaches and now a days if you lose a limb they put leeches on it and suck the blood and release a chemical that prevents blood clotting.

Today I put together some posters with spray glue and hung up a lot of posters.
I got this neat paper thing that looks like you can only open it like one time but you can open it like four times and it gives you different information about the museum. If you want this neat thing you can come to the Carnegie and get one.

My name is Chase J. The Carnegie Museum has been a great experience for me today. We came here to set up exhibits that we started last year, and we are also setting up others' work. This museum is pretty amazing. It has many things from Montgomery County, and many are from Crawfordsville. The effort put up by the other students has made it much easier for my group, but all together, we are making the Carnegie the best that it can be. The Carnegie will be a fun and exciting place when it is finished, so come check it out! Please

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Yesterday at the Carnegie

My name is Lyndsy J. (Middle School Student) It has been such a fun experience being able to work at the Carnegie Museum with my classmates.
Today I have laid out display boards including "Common Plants Used to make Medicine," and also "Madison Township's relation to Quinine." I have sprayed my jeans with spray glue and broke the top of the glue, via my extremely sticky fingers.
Working at the Carnegie Museum today has been awesome. I really encourage everyone to come to the Carnegie. It's definitely a fun experience.

By Raven M. (Middle School Student)
I didn't think this would turn out as well as it is. I thought it'd be pretty hectic, a bunch of kids running around with spray glue. Nothing of the sort. We were as organized as middle school kids could be with little supervision, and I think we did pretty well. Sticky is one word I would use to describe this. Right now my fingers are sticking to the keyboard because I touched too much of the glue. It was fun though. We had to work in groups that were just thrown together, ones we didn't think would work. But it turned out really good. We got along great and it was fun. Seemed shorter than it was. Oh, warning for future generations: Fear Hudson's driving. And wear the seat belt. She could kill you from behind the wheel. Well, bye!
By: Elizabeth F.
This is the first time I have ever done a blog entry. Missing school to come set up our projects from last year was very exciting to me! When we first got here we took a tour of the place and we saw a lot of neat things. From Doctors to Medical chairs, you can see everything here at the Carnegie Museum. My project was about pioneer medicine and cures. I had two partners, Spencer and Chloe. We loved doing our project and we learned a lot of interesting facts along the way. This project isn't the easiest, but I can say it was one of the most fun things I have done. In class we did happen to talk a lot being good friends, but in the end we got it done! Come see our projects in the museum!!

Yesterday at the Carnegie

By Andrew T. Middle School Student

This rocks. I get to miss all my boring morning classes and put up an exhibit at the Carnegie! Fun, fun, fun. It’s been quite the adventure this first hour.
It started out with us seeing the area we would be working in. After we got a feel for what we would be doing, we talked about what a good museum experience is. We talked about what we should do to make our projects appeal to everyone. At first it seemed like easy work, but I was wrong. We had to cut all the papers, cut and re-cut the plastic, messing up the layouts and start all over again… and again… and again, and then finding a spot on the wall and getting it all hung up. Even though its not as easy as I had expected, it has to be the most fun fieldtrip thingy in the history of ever. If Hudson ever does another thing like this, you can be sure that I’ll be here.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Medical Exhibit Installation -- Anna

My name is Anna S. and I had a lot of fun working on the Carnegie Museum. I have worked on another project here before and I had a lot of fun then too! I helped put together many different posters and it was fun to hang out with friends and do something for the museum. There have been lots of laughs, jokes, and sticky fingers in the process of working here.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Why the name Collage?

Why did we choose the name Collage?

For many reasons, here is one.

A Collage can be defined in many ways, such as: "A work, such as a literary piece, composed of both borrowed and original material" or "the re-use of material as components within a new complete whole" or "a combination of different things"... there are so many definitions and many of them fit very well into the description of the Carnegie Museum.

We hope to capture some of your thoughts about the Carnegie Museum and its role in the community and to promote discussions about "a combination of different things" that make up who and what we are.

Carnegie Museum Blog is Live!