Thursday, August 29, 2013

Summer at the Carnegie Museum Wrap Up - and voting results announced!

What a fun and fantastic summer we’ve had here at the Carnegie Museum! The Summer at the Museum program was a big hit. Children were able to come and complete one activity each visit and earn a prize for each activity they finished. Altogether, 260 children joined us for our summer program and 57 of them completed all five activities! 

One activity involved the kids filling out a ballot asking them to vote for one of their favorite Pets, Storybooks, Subjects in School, Seasons and how they feel about Spiders. Sixty children took part in the activity, voting for their favorites in six different categories. 

Dogs took the lead for favorite pet with a total of 27 votes. Other pets, where children could write down their own favorite pet, took second with 8 votes, and included dolphins, ducks, snakes, unicorns, wolves, frogs, polar bears, and rats. 

The favorite of five storybooks featured in our Go Figure! Exhibit was Goldilocks and the Three Bears with 17 votes. Arthur’s Pet Business followed closely behind holding 15 votes. 

With a whopping thirty-two votes, Art took first place for favorite subject. Math placed second with 12 votes. Who would have thought?! 

Winner of the favorite season category was Summer with 33 votes! Spring sprung into second with 11 votes.

In our Spiders category, 22 children thought that they were super cool, while 20 thought they were okay, and 18 said they were SCARY.

We are so proud of all this year’s participants for their hard work and creativity. It was such a joy to see everyone having fun and learning at the same time. Thanks for joining us for summer at the museum!